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Wash My Stash Service

Wash My Stash Service

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Powered by Ongoing Subscriptions
Already bought your stash of cloth diapers for your little one, but still don't want to mess with the laundry? Our Wash My Stash Service takes care of that for you! Our eco-friendly, super clean wash routine will keep your baby's cloth diapers CLEAN, while saving your sanity and the world!

We pick up your diapers along our delivery route, wash them with our single-load, eco-friendly wash routine, and deliver them back to you within 2 days! This option is great when there is not enough time in the week to be washing cloth diapers, or if you need cloth diapers cleaned before a trip.

If you've already purchased your cloth diapers and don't want to do the laundry on a regular basis, this option is for you! You can save a little bit of money and still have super cute, CLEAN cloth diapers for your little one! Our Wash My Stash Service subscription is the same as the one-time purchase, except the delivery is weekly, instead of 2 days!

We also take care of your cloth wipes, extra inserts, extra covers, wet bags and everything else in between! Decide if you would like them washed in a one-time purchase or subscription, then throw them in the bag with your other stuff!
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