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Wash at Home Consultation

Wash at Home Consultation

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You have already invested in a stash of cloth diapers (or you are planning to rent ours) and you're thinking, "How hard could it be to wash them myself?"

It could be very easy, OR the worst time of your life! Navigating conflicting opinions on wash routines, products to use, settings for your washer, all while getting ready to birth a baby (or after you've just birthed your baby!), is a steep learning curve!


Our families have been through the trenches to find wash routines that get cloth diapers CLEAN and safe for your new, itty bitty, baby! We've tried it ALL!


Want to just cut to the chase and get into a wash routine that works? Maybe you're already washing your own, but they're starting to stink while clean? Let us help you! We review all aspects of your routine, like type of washer, detergent used, settings, frequency of wash, storage between washes, etc., to get you and your baby the cleanest, un-stinkiest, cloth diapers possible!


**For cloth diaper rental clients, this is a MUST before your initi

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