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Deep Clean Service

Deep Clean Service

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Before you purchase Deep Clean service, please read through our Sweetie Pie Diaper Service Terms of Service.

Did you buy a used stash of cloth diapers and want to make sure they're deep cleaned before putting them on your new baby? Are your cloth diapers smelling a little funky, even after you've washed them? Are your baby's diapers leaking?

You might need our Deep Cleaning Service! 

Our service picks up YOUR diapers that you would like deep cleaned (up to 50 diapers*), and delivers them back to you in one week sanitized, clean and smelling fresh!

Note: This is an intense cleaning process. This is not recommended for cloth diapers on a regular basis, but as needed for issues, used cloth diapers, etc. We will do the best we can to take special care with your cloth diapers, as we know it is an investment, but we cannot accept responsibility for damage to your cloth diapers during this process (especially with hemp and bamboo inserts). 

Once you place your order, we will get in touch with you to walk you through the process and answer any additional questions you may have.

*Definition of 1 diaper: 

1 Diaper = one All-In-One Diaper

1 Diaper = one Pocket cover and one insert

1 Diaper = one Fitted diaper and cover

1 Diaper = one Prefold diaper and cover

1 Diaper = one Flat diaper and cover

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