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Cloth Diaper Rental

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Ready to take on the full responsibility of cloth diapering, but not ready to invest in a diaper stash of your own? Our cloth diaper rental service is for you! 

Cloth Diaper Rental includes:

-Rental of 50 Cotton Prefolds

-Rental of 8 Diaper Covers

-Initial Diaper Drop off and Final pick-up, with the option to size-up as needed

(NOTE: This service is only available for families within our service area)

This service option requires you to launder our diapers in your own home, with a routine and laundry products approved by Sweetie Pie.

Rental Service is paid as a monthly subscription.

IMPORTANT: This service requires a pre-requisite a Wash My Stash Consultation to ensure you've got an approved wash routine for rented materials.